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The Knights of Emerald - Book 1

The Knights of Emerald - Book 1

Fire in the Sky

ISBN : 978-2-924442-37-1

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Upon learning that Amecareth is preparing to invade the continent once again, the King of Emerald, in an effort to protect all of the Kingdoms of Enkidiev, revives an ancient knighthood. Chosen for their special gifts and endowed with mystical powers, six men and one woman become the new Knights of Emerald.
Their training now completed, these magical soldiers are ready for battle when Queen Fan arrives at the castle requesting an audience with Emerald the First. Pressed for time, she leaves in his care her two-year old daughter Kira, fully aware of the part she will be playing in the future of mankind. Wellan, the undisputed leader of the knights, falls in love with the beautiful queen. But the Kingdom of Shola is the first to fall and everyone is slaughtered, including Fan.
Heartbroken, Wellan will nonetheless have to come up with a plan to defend Enkidiev and repel the forces of evil...

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