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The Knights of Emerald - Book 10

The Knights of Emerald - Book 10


ISBN : 978-2-923925-83-7

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Having reached the end of their incubation period, the insect larvas buried in the ground all over Enkidiev are about to wake. After several years of a well-deserved truce, the Knights of Emerald prepare to face this new scourge. Determined to take revenge on Parandar, the fallen god Akuretari takes advantage of this diversion to hunt down the humans who are in control of Danalieth’s supernatural weapons. He will learn to his own cost that they are very resilient.
When tragedy strikes the Kingdom of Diamond, King Onyx finally shows his true colours, at the same time sowing doubt in the mind of the Knights. Despite everything, his loyal friend Hadrian of Silver will not give up hope to make him listen to reason.
Frustrated by the incessant setbacks of his sorcerer, the Dark Emperor decides to launch his own offensive. His deadly intervention will finally set the prophecy in motion. But at the same time, it will deprive Lassa of his only shield…

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