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The Knights of Emerald - Book 5

The Knights of Emerald - Book 5

Reptile Island

ISBN : 978-5-924442-53-1

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Letting their courage and their fairness be their only guides, the Knights of Emerald rush to the aid of the women and young girls abducted in the Kingdom of Cristal by lizards-like creatures and sailed away to a remote island.
Wellan only takes with him a few of his men, filling the others with dismay, since they will have to stay behind in Zenor. The chosen Knights of Emerald embark on this perilous mission with the Crystal Magician who has a few surprises in store for them.
Meanwhile, in the badly damaged Castle of Zenor, Dempsey has charge of the younger knights and squires, unaware that he will have to face another sorcerer of the Dark Emperor, even more cruel than Asbeth.
Wellan having forbidden his soldiers to communicate with him while he is infiltrating the island of the reptiles, Dempsey and his brothers-in-arms will have to handle this new enemy by themselves…

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