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The Knights of Emerald - Book 8

The Knights of Emerald - Book 8

Fallen Gods

ISBN : 978-2-924442-56-2

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Faced with the imposing task of assigning the squires to their new masters, Wellan soon realizes that there aren’t enough knights and that many of them are already training a squire. In order to give him a hand, Jenifael, Lassa and Liam decide to use an old spell that will greatly disrupt the life of the inhabitants of the castle.
Under pretext of seeing his village once again, Onyx agrees to take Sutton and his family to the land of their ancestors. But the renegade knight’s true purpose is to obtain a powerful weapon that the goddess Cinn has hidden in the most southern part of the kingdom. However, will he be strong enough to handle it?
The knights who have barely recovered from the unrest caused by the young culprits at the castle are attacked by an enemy coming from the sky. They are not without knowing that they are poorly equipped to defend themselves against fallen gods.
At the same time, troops lead by Asbeth make their way to the Castle of Emerald...

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