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The Knights of Emerald - Book 9

The Knights of Emerald - Book 9

Danalieth's Legacy

ISBN : 978-2-923925-81-3

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The imperial troops land on the coast of Enkidiev in large numbers, forcing Wellan to divide his knights to slow down the invaders. While they are defending the Kingdom of the Elves, the Knights of Emerald capture a strange blue creature, unaware of its true purpose.
The new King of Emerald offers to provide Wellan with one of the weapons that Danalieth has created to help the humans defend themselves. Wellan finds it very hard not to accept this offer, since he has been looking for a way to increase his powers since the beginning of the invasion by the insect soldiers.
Wishing to help his father, Dylan learns a new way to locate ripples in the energy field of Enkidiev. However, as he attempts to use this new technique for the first time, he faces the resistance of a young woman who will change his destiny.
Against all odds, Elund’s prophecy regarding the return of a great hero is finally accomplished. But will this noble warrior arrive in time?

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